• Webdesign

    Your wish is a dynamic, creative and efficient online appearence for yourself or your company? Pure Gold has teamed up with Nicolas Seebeck a talented young webdesigner and offers now services in webdesign. The art and the goal is to convence the visitor with your design, content and technical sophistication.
    As you see the website of a company is very important. Besides a hig visual uniqueness, the content and the accessibility is very important. The quality of the files plays a big role in comunicating and building a long term relationship to your customers. Photos, grafics and videos are a great possibility to get your brand in the center of attention of your potential target group. But good content and a nice design is not enough.

    Since most people nowadays surf on the internet not only with their computers but also with a mobile phone. Which makes it more difficult to have the perfect website for every different device.

    Using Content-Management-Systems (Typo3/Wordpress) we design our website in a way they look good on all devices and screens and work properly and error free.

    Compact and efficient – have fun online

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