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  • Coaching & Workshops

    Pure Gold doesn’t only offer music related services, we also offer coaching and workshops

    You’re an Artist who would like to have someone to coach him or just accompany and support you through your projects. Do you maybe even want to visit Germany and would like to have some quite space in Berlin to produce a CD?  Or maybe you’re just in the first stages of your career and would like someone to train you and help you get the best of you?

    Just E-mail us with „Coaching” in subject line, and we will find a way to help you. Everything happens in complete confidentiality.

    Are you looking for someone who is capable of hosting workshops about various music or social sectors

    Not only, are we very confident enough to entertain people, but we also know how to transmit knowledge. All assignments can be don’t either very general, which would suit amateurs or non-musicians, or very specific for producers or vocal artists trying to improve their skills and knowledge. 
    We would also love to work with young people in order to introduce them to the music world and industry, but also in order to teach them assurance and self-confidence. Considering the fact that Pure Gold also had a troubled childhood, he knows how to speak to youngsters and how to get the message across, so that they understand it.
    In some cases, we also do voluntary social workshops. Other possible subjects would be:

    Producing music, recording music, mixing techniques, hip hop, cubase, logic, MPC, Piano for beginners, equipment and many more.

    Our Studio musicians Wail and TommyFriendly can also provide with Guitar and Drums courses. Feel free to send us your requests, and we will come back to you asap.

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