About us

We are Pure Gold

Pure Gold was founded by Viktor R., a young artist from Berlin. He is involved in and responsible for all projects. But Pure Gold is a lot bigger than this!

In the meantime, the calling him a simple producer or songwriter wouldn’t do him justice. Over the Years, Viktor has managed to build a strong team and partnerships. Promising national and international newcomers, producers that became friends, studio musicians and supporters in other areas are all part of the Pure Gold group, and are the reason why Pure Gold has that many services to offer.

We are specialised in those areas : RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Dubstep, Reggae, Dancehall and progressive house. That being said, we are pretty confident about trying out new genres and deliver great results.

Appart from the music, we would like to communicate a specific philosophy:
Find your passion, work hard and live your dreams.

Our passion – Music

Just like many more, we also started from scratch, but we are now ready to do the big steps. Music was and still is a great companion for our journey, and we are proud and more than happy to introduce you to our music.

Here, you can find various services and offers as well as the possibility to listen to a few of our creations. If you go to the shop, you can find a few of our instrumentals which you are free to listen to, lease and buy.

Our Location – Berlin

Germany’s Capital ! Big, Loud, colorful and musically speaking : A centre of rotation and a crucial point. This is Berlin

Our Philosophy

Every single human being has one talent, one strength. It is your duty to find yours and to believe in it. Everyone should take this passion and strength, and turn it into their main objective and job. Nothing else would make you happier and fulfil you. If you’re good at something, you will be successful. And as soon as you are successful, giving back to the community is a must. The world is full of poverty and misery and there is no way anyone can help as long as you need help yourself. Which is why everyone should live their dreams, fight and even die for our dream. Let us transform the world into the beautiful place it is meant to be.