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Pure Gold is a music producer, songwriter and video producer from Berlin, Germany. Since his birth in 1989 music was his biggest passion. After years of hard training behind closed doors and graduating at the prestigious Deutsche Pop Music Academy he is ready to share his music with the world.   

He is not only very productive, but also very versatile and produces almost all styles of music: 
Hip Hop, Rnb, Pop, Tropical House, Dancehall   

His goal is to work with talented artists from all over the world and to build a strong team of creative people around him. The first persons followed his call.. The guitarist Wail and the web designer Kunstkonzept Media became members of Pure Gold Productions.   

Pure Gold's first music productions for New York based singer Myke The Artist received good feedback from the listeners.    

Besides releasing his own projects he also offers the services you can see below   

If you are interested in a collaboration send a email to: 

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